Dorchester Roman Tour – Coming Soon

Dorchester Roman Tour – Coming Soon
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Distance 5.59 miles (8.8km)         Duration 2:50 hrs             Calories 1,050 (est)

Dorchester is a fantastic place, boasting beautiful countryside, a picturesque town worth exploring and a history so rich that Time Team deemed it the perfect location for their pilot episode.

Join us as we make the tranquil journey from Dorchester on Thames, through the countryside and towards the village, as the Romans would have done many years before us, and discover the many clues of its ancestry chiselled deep in the landscape that they left behind.

Learn about the impressive Abbey that stands proudly in the town like a profile picture to yesteryear, discover the evidence of Neolithic inhabitancy, admire Georgian architecture and even walk through the many scenic locations used in popular TV dramas.

Uncover the secrets of the River Thames, stroll through years of rich heritage and even learn what the Pooh Stick World Championship is!

So come with us on a journey not only through Dorchester, but in to the past, as we discover what makes this historic town a compelling magnet both to our ancestors and to us.