It’s quite simple really; Britain’s countryside is amazing and we wanted to enjoy and discover more about it, but became tired of getting lost and frustrated.

Like many good ideas, they come out of personal experience and so Handheld Tours was born, to make it simple to enjoy Britain’s charming villages, grand houses, rolling hills, enchanting woodlands and soaring coastlines. Without getting lost!

Handheld Tours uses GPS and mobile app technology to remove the navigation hurdle and audio to tell you some of the history of the landscape, villages and buildings you see along the way, as you explore the beauty of Britain.


Circular – start where you want

Our tours are all circular. We identify public parking and points of interest with accompanying audio but you can start at a point on the route most convenient to you, travelling in whatever direction suits your mood, GPS will successfully navigate you around.

Audio – included

Don’t worry we won’t drone on throughout your tour, we leave you with plenty of time to just enjoy the natural beauty of the countryside with a background track provided by nature itself. We do however provide you with some background history of buildings and features along the way. Of course it’s entirely up to you whether you want to listen to the audio or not.

Distance & Time – 4 to 7 miles or 1 and half to 3 and a half hours in duration

You set the pace, walk as quickly or slowly as you wish. You can certainly make a day of it by stopping at a pub, tea house or for a picnic. Maybe take in some of the points of interest along the way, we always try to make sure there is plenty to do, how much is down to you. Many of the tours also have benches to have a sit and soak in the view.

Tours - follow Public rights of way and Permissive paths

Tours are designed to explore Britain, following public rights of way and permissive paths. Providing you adhere to the Countryside Code (see terms and conditions or contact us) you can walk with confidence.

No special equipment is required

All our tours are designed to be relaxing, we don’t ask you to scale rock faces or ford rivers. However it is advisable that you;

  • Wear appropriate footwear (including good socks) sufficient for walking over uneven ground, ideally suitably robust enough to stand up to a puddle or two as well as bit of mud. Most welly boots are too loose fitting for several hours of comfortable walking without causing blisters and flip-flops are a definite no-no.
  • Bring a bottle of water on longer tours, particularly if the day is hot and a snack is advisable if you don’t plan to stop somewhere along the way for food, or the pub you planned on visiting can’t accommodate you.
  • Wear appropriate clothing for the weather and distance and remember on most tours you have to cross fences via stiles at some point.
  • Wear a hat and use sun cream on exposed arms/legs on sunny days as you’ll be out for hours and it’s easier than you think to get too much sun.

Refreshments – Pubs & Tea Rooms opening times

Our tours will identify pubs or tea houses on the route or close by. We can’t rate or recommend them as owners, not to mention staff can very quickly change voiding anything we might say. We will give you a link to their Trip Advisor page, website, and telephone number if available to help you make your decision though. We certainly recommend contacting them directly to book if you are large party and suggest you confirm opening hours or if they are open at all if you definitely intend on eating there! We see pub closures with depressing frequency, sometimes only for refurbishment or change of ownership but often permanently, there is rarely notice and it’s not uncommon for websites to stay up months if not years after the doors and windows have been shuttered!


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