Apple or Android – whichever you have

We have Apple & Android versions of the Handheld Tours app.

How much power – recommend starting with a full charge

There is now so many device (phones & tablets) and IOS/Android combinations often with widely varying power consumption rates when running applications using GPS technology.

You’ll know your own device better than anyone but just to be safe we recommend you start your walk with your chosen device fully charged, particularly if you are using a phone rather than a tablet.

Remember you’ll need to look at the screen frequently to keep you on track and lighting that up regular also increases battery drain.

Simple - download the relevant app

All the walks and tours you see on the Handheld Tours website are packaged in our free app (walks and tours are chargeable), putting them easily at your fingertips.

Just download the relevant app by clicking here for Android users and here for Apple users, next just select the walk or tour you want.  That’s all there is to it, we’ve tried to take the hassle out of the process.

Everything is included – text, photos, audio, route & map in one file

Once you’ve selected the walk or tour you want and pay for it, it’s  downloaded to your device in a single integrated package, you’ll see numbered interactive pins along the route highlighting points of interest and stops, you then decide whether you want to listen to the audio, reading the text or just walking on by.

Data – not required on walk/tour just GPS

Mobile data signals are notoriously patchy to non-existent when in the countryside, but GPS signals are excellent! The entire map covering the walk is downloaded when you purchase the walk, eliminating the need to be online.

How many devices – this is set by Apple and Google

The number of devices you can download the walk/tour to is controlled by the respective Apple and Google markets.

Restore facility – if you change, damage or lose your device

Just download the app again and use the restore purchases option and you’re ready to start walking again!

Keep it - forever

Currently we use a perpetual license similar to that of purchased digital music rather than the movie rental model. So download it once and use many times (subject to terms and conditions)!

Map Symbols – The Key


If you want to zoom further than the default setting you can turn on your data and click this symbol to download even more detail


Select this icon if you want the tracking arrow to move and the map to remain stationary.

Box Dot

Select this icon if you want the map to move and the tracking arrow to remain stationary in the centre of the screen


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